Did You Know?

Most distributors who achieve success in their business do so using a Xocai product pack such as the Variety Pack.

Perfect Combination Video

The Variety Pack includes:

  • 1 bottle of Xoçai™
  • 10 Xoçai™ Protein Bars
  • 25 Xoçai™ Nuggets
  • 21 Omega Squares
  • "Xoçai™, The Perfect Combination" DVD
  • MXI Corp "It's a beautiful thing" DVD

Xoçaí™ Variety Pack

Not sure which product is the best for you or your business? MXI Corp has created the Variety Pack for you!

This Variety Pack includes approximately a one-week supply of each of our best-selling, Healthy Chocolate products: Xoçai™ Nuggets, X Power Squares™, Omega Squares™, and XoBiotic Squares™. The Variety Pack is the ideal way to introduce someone to our Best Selling Healthy Chocolate products or as an existing Associate you can select the Variety Pack as your auto-shipment and continue consuming all of your favorite products.